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Though still rare, but the actuarial science courses are finding prominence along with science arts and commerce for the students as career options and we are here to help you secure a place in the prestigious Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) with a national ranking. In reality, the assessment of risk is all about Actuarial science and speculating, predicting and controlling risks are part of the economy, the ones appearing for the course should learn these basics, and we guide you on that process. We are S-Cube a professional online tutorial offering different courses to make you prepare for the entrance pf ACET.

Professional Relevance

The study of actuarial science in india is quite new and the aspiring students need proper guidelines to prepare themselves market-savvy. The actuarily professionals work to predict the wrong turn and become a saviour of finances. He/ she must have undergone actuarial science course in india. So, the professional will work his intelligence and make a solution to avoid the situation of crisis and succeed eventually if the plan work out as the way desired. Even if there is a loss already occurred, he/ she will assess the situation and make the necessary arrangements to get to a better situation and will apply his/her knowledge over statistical methods to understand the situation better. We offer case studies to the students individually, so that they can assess these case as per their knowledge and try to solve them and the expert studies their work and suggest them the necessary changes.

Preparations and Placements

We prepare students for appearing in the entrance test to the most reputed institute of Actuaries through the actuarial science online classes in india.

  • We start with sharing the study materials and online video classes of the subject to understand the facts easily. If needed we provide live doubt-clearing session.

  • We complete the syllabus early and make them attend several test series, to prepare for the final entrance with confidence.

  • Lately, we organise mock test online to make you prepare for the entrance in a professional manner and our assessment guarantees you of sure success with national ranking as an actuarial science coaching in India.

  • While preparing the students for the exam we try to make them professional and provide knowledge of the industry and how you can succeed in an interview to secure a good placement in a good company.

  • Like the mock tests, we organise mock interviews both online and offline, so that you can become used to with the industry norms and we also provide visual support material to prepare the young aspirants and make them learn how to present yourself in the interview.

After the initial preparations, the students get placed in insurance industry mainly with the actuarial science placements in India, and with our past experience and the students we have prepared, we take guidelines and prepare the next group of students with industry strategies and updates. So, whenever you think of a career in actuaries in India, remember S-Cube, we are here to guide you the best in the industry.


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